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Monday, August 16, 2010

Columbus Caterer Favorite-RUM!!! It's National Rum Day!

Today is National Rum Day!  A great reason to enjoy this sugarcane based libation.

So the history of rum dates back to before Christopher Columbus brought sugar cane to the Caribbean.  Once it landed there, the fermenting process was applied to sugarcane liquid....and then you have RUM...named by the French.  It's true home now is found in the islands of the Caribbean, because it's one of their countries main exports.  National Rum Day falls on the last day of the sugarcane harvest on the islands.  In Barbados today, they will be having the "Mardi Gras of Rum' Celebration, in honor of this day.

As a Columbus catering company, we're always using flavored rums in our sauces, and marinades.  We even use it in our balsamic brown sugar peach marinade.  This is a marinade made for ripe peaches to then be grilled.  The rum adds a wonderful flavor to the peaches, and thickens with the balsamic vinegar, to make a wonderful sweet glaze on the grilled peaches.  This little gem works wonderfully  on top of vanilla ice cream, or surprisingly...pork chops!

And of course, there are the drinks that you can mix, with various rums.  Take a moment to enjoy National Rum Day today!   Pull together some friends, and hit your favorite local bar, for rum drink specials today...at happy hour.  Or stay home and be the bartender.  Here are some great rum drink recipes, from the leader in Fine Rum, Mount Gay Brand. 

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And always check out our official Columbus Caterer website to see what new menu items we have added, as well as themed holiday specials.

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