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Monday, August 30, 2010

Ohio State Buckeye Tailgating

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Columbus Caterer Celebrates National Peach Month!

August is National Peach Month!
Did you know it's National Peach Month!

August is the time to celebrate one of my favorite fruits, the peach!  There's something about this fuzzy fruit, that has always made it a favorite of mine.  Maybe it's how my mother used to call me a peach-fuzz monkey, when I was little.  Or told me that little peaches would grow...in my armpits....no less!  Fond childhood memories often have a tie with food.  So I'm always excited to celebrate peach month.  When the peaches are in season, and in abundance!  Check out how Taste Of The Best Catering celebrates the peach this month!  But first...some tips on how to find the best ones.

The History of the Peach
Since I love the peach so much, I thought I would dig up some history of this wonderful fruit.    The peach came from China, originally, and was regarded as a "Mystic Fruit".  It was supposed to bring luck, abundance and protection.  Because of it's ability to grow in eroded, grazing pastures, it then became regarded as a symbol of fertility and affection.  Once they were on the move around the world, many different strains became abundant.  The Native American were known to LOVE peaches.  They were found in many different tribal areas.  In this day an age, peaches can be grown in most climates.  So your chances of getting hold of some fresh ripe ones this month are very good.  Columbus has some great farms, that are overflowing right now! 

Clingstone Vs. Freestone - What's the Difference?
A Cling-stone Peach
Have you ever heard of these 2 versions?  I never had, even though I guess I knew there was a difference, just in trying to enjoy them.  Clingstone peaches are the "pain in the butt" ones, that never come clean from the pit.  Now I've stumbled onto this difference, just in trying to cut a peach for fruit salad.  These peaches are meant more for canning and baking purposes.  Basically, anything where a beautiful "CLEAN" slice of peach isn't necessary.  When your canning, and baking, the way the cut of fruit looks, isn't important.  There's nothing wrong with these peaches.  They do tend to be harder in texture, and not as juicy.  But they are still good.

The freestone peaches are my favorite, for obvious reasons.  Because the pit practically falls out of the peach for you.  No hassles, no ugly pieces, just yummy juicy sweet peach!  These are the best kind for eating fresh.  And if you have the chance to visit one of our awesome local farms in Columbus OH, then you're in for a treat!  One of my favorites is Lynd's Fruit Farm in Pataskala.  It's not too far, and easy to find.  GREAT prices, and they have farm fresh veggies, as well as fruit.  You can also pick your own.  Just look for good color on the peach, no obvious soft spots or bruises, and a great smell.  I'll write more on them at a later date.  Check them out!

A Special Catering Homage to the Peach!
 Okay, so I already said that I love peaches.  So, this month, we have some peach inspired menu items for everyone to enjoy.  We've created a special chilled soup, which is one of my favorites.  We just previewed it, at an VIP art gallery opening,  and it's been a hit!  It's called Chilled Curry Peach Soup Refresher.  We serve this as a bowl, cup, or our popular favorite, a appetizer shot!  It it yellow and white peaches, with curry, and a secret kick that makes it almost like a liquid peach cloud in your mouth!  Sounds good huh?  

 Then we have the peach bellini.  You know, champagne and anything is a pretty good combo!  A wonderful lite summer drink, that is great for brunch, a before dinner drink, or a nice lite offering to pair with appetizers.  It's highlighted with a fresh raspberry, and served ice cold.  And the flavor from using fresh peaches is outstanding.  This can also be done in a non-alchoholic version, with sparkling cider, or apple juice, which is great for a Sweet 16 party, or for non-drinkers.

My last favorite would of course be peach pie.  We will be highlighting a great recipe for that tomorrow, since it will be National Peach Pie Day!...I know....a little bit much...right?!?  But who can resist peach pie, made with fresh peaches, and some vanilla bean ice cream! YUMMY!

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If you would like to get pricing or order some of our delicious peach items for your next event contact us at 614-358-4559.  

Happy Peach Eating! 
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Columbus Caterer Favorite-RUM!!! It's National Rum Day!

Today is National Rum Day!  A great reason to enjoy this sugarcane based libation.

So the history of rum dates back to before Christopher Columbus brought sugar cane to the Caribbean.  Once it landed there, the fermenting process was applied to sugarcane liquid....and then you have RUM...named by the French.  It's true home now is found in the islands of the Caribbean, because it's one of their countries main exports.  National Rum Day falls on the last day of the sugarcane harvest on the islands.  In Barbados today, they will be having the "Mardi Gras of Rum' Celebration, in honor of this day.

As a Columbus catering company, we're always using flavored rums in our sauces, and marinades.  We even use it in our balsamic brown sugar peach marinade.  This is a marinade made for ripe peaches to then be grilled.  The rum adds a wonderful flavor to the peaches, and thickens with the balsamic vinegar, to make a wonderful sweet glaze on the grilled peaches.  This little gem works wonderfully  on top of vanilla ice cream, or surprisingly...pork chops!

And of course, there are the drinks that you can mix, with various rums.  Take a moment to enjoy National Rum Day today!   Pull together some friends, and hit your favorite local bar, for rum drink specials today...at happy hour.  Or stay home and be the bartender.  Here are some great rum drink recipes, from the leader in Fine Rum, Mount Gay Brand. 

Check out our Facebook Page, for more ideas on how to use Rum, to celebrate the National Holiday today!

And always check out our official Columbus Caterer website to see what new menu items we have added, as well as themed holiday specials.

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