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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Seen The New Watermelon Oreos Yet? Yumm or Yuck?

Have you seen these yet - Watermelon Oreos - Yumm or Yuck?  - Taste Of The Best Catering
Watermelon Oreos: Yumm or Yuck?

The crew over at Oreo are at it again!  

Watermelon, a crowd favorite during the summer has gone junk food!  Have you seen these yet? Summertime Limited-Edition Watermelon Oreos. What do you think? Leave a classic ALONE? Or, Walk on the Watermelon Wild-Side?  Or maybe just stick with the real thing!

They've taken the classic deliciousness of the Old-School Oreo and created another flavor mash up, this time for summer 2013.  The Limited-Edition Watermelon Oreo is available in Target store now.  But how will these be received by the public?

This definitely isn't the first time that Oreo has released limited versions of flavor plays on their chocolate and golden Oreo cookies.  

With "Candy Corn", "Shur Bert", and "Mint" flavored creme fillings being offered, I guess this is no surprise.  And they picked a whopper of a flavor for summer!  Watermelon!  I mean....come on!  I have only come across a few people in life, that didn't like watermelon!  It's a crowd-pleaser, when the heat starts to rise.  So Kudos on the flavor choice.

I have to admit that we're classic Oreo lovers, here at Taste Of The Best Catering.

So these other flavors haven't really enticed me, because usually, I don't tend to enjoy most artificial fruit flavorings.  But I did come across the Shur Bert flavored golden Oreos a while back in Walmart, and bought them. (Who knows why....I think I liked the colors...lol)  They were interestingly different, but only for about 2-3 cookies worth.  Then the flavoring became too sweet, and the familiar fake-flavoring aftertaste started to creep in.  I haven't tried the new Watermelon Oreos yet.  In theory, they sound good, I guess.  But in reading about them, they seem to not have any natural flavoring in them (obviously), so in my mind, the melon flavor would need to be very mild, in hopes of leaving the aftertaste out of the picture.  Hopefully someone I know will buy some, and I can grab a few to try.
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"Wonderful Watermelon - NOW IN SEASON"

In the meantime, I'll go with fresh watermelon!  

Peak season for watermelon is Mid-June through August, so we're in full swing right now!  Fresh watermelon is Lycopene rich.  Lycopene gives the watermelon it's red color, and is one of the most effective antioxidants found in fresh foods!  Watermelon contains Iron, Zinc, Protein and Fiber, and also has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

If you would like to indulge yourself in this summertime cool down treat, check out our "Wonderful Watermelon" Pinterest Board.

What do you think about the new Watermelon Oreos?  Leave a classic ALONE?  Or walk on the Watermelon Wild Side?

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