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Friday, November 5, 2010

Catering For A Fall Themed Wedding!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons!  Too bad it feels like it's almost over.  I just wanted to share some beautiful pictures from one of our Fall Themed wedding reception, that we catered on October 10, 2010.  Yep, 10/10/10.  The bride said that they came up with that date, so the groom could remember!  It was our pleasure to work with this young couple. 

This couple had a country wedding, and the groom took the time out to lay out brand new landscaping, for the ceremony area of the wedding.  It was so beautiful, and original!  And it made the ceremony that much more special.

They used bales of hay, and blankets, along with some white folding chairs, to create this beautiful fall space.  They also used lots of fall flowers and vegetables, for table centerpieces, and decor of the ceremony space.
We tried to blend the colors and decoration pieces on the food tables to resemble the tone and color scheme that the bride chose.  She had various shades of rust, copper, orange, gold, and tan.  We jazzed up our food tables with some of the same colors to make the overall look cohesive.

They had a cocktail hour, before dinner, where we served Curried Butternut Squash & Pear Soup Shooters.  We also had a duo of Honey BBQ & Spicy Marinara Meatballs.  And to top if all off, we had Turkey & Provolone Deli Pinwheels. 

We continued the fall themed colors and decor over to the dinner buffet tables.  We offered Spinach & Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast, wrapped in bacon, with an apple cider gravy on the side.

The other entree was Prime Rib with Au Jus, cooked to desired temp.  The side dishes were Artichoke Potato Au Gratin and Carrot & Asparagus Bundles. 
We also made sure that once the dinner started, and the sun went down, that everyone would be able to see what they were eating.
   So we made sure that there was lighting on the tables, and up-lighting behind the food tables.  It created a beautiful ambiance for a luckily warm "Indian Summer" night.  

The bride created her own wedding cake, which was still fall themed, and 3 different flavors.  She creates beauties like this one, everyday, at "Short North Piece of Cake".  
It was a wonderful night.  I couldn't have been any more perfect.  We were all worried that it would be windy and cold, since that had been the trend in weather.  But they got really lucky, to pick the one Sunday of the month, where it was beautiful sun, warm temperatures, and no wind!  That should be a sign of great things to come for their marriage!  Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Flowers!  It was our pleasure to be the Columbus catering company, that they chose to share their special day!

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