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Thursday, October 17, 2013

FREE China Place Settings Rental For Your Catered Company Holiday Party

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Since October is half over, we might as well go ahead and get the holiday season kicked off!  Once we pass Halloween, it seems like the days literally FLY by....... the year is over.  It's all gonna be a blur from now on people! :-)

So before we all really get caught up in the 2013 Holiday Season, let's take a moment and try to plan some things out.  Like that company holiday party that you're always in charge of organizing, and every year, it creeps up on you.  Before you know it, it's almost Thanksgiving, and no one in the office has even discussed the planning yet!  YIKES!  Realistically, at that point, it's kind of late in the game for planning.  That doesn't mean that you can't pull it off, but it does limit the options your company has.

In thinking about how we can be "The Best" for our Columbus, OH customers, we got to thinking about what we could do specifically for businesses this year.  Here's what we came up with!

Taste Of The Best Catering is giving Columbus, OH businesses an early holiday gift!!

If your company books your catered company holiday party with us, by October 31st 2013, for any available date remaining in 2013, we'll give you the "Real China Place Settings Rental Package" for 20-50 guests FREE!!  

Our gift to you is an 9 piece place setting, with 1 salad dressing carafe and salt & pepper shaker set per table.  

This package has a value of $156 to $390, depending on how many guests your corporate party has!!!
Many times, the event budget for Company Holiday Parties is tight, and having real place settings gets dropped from the plan, because of the added expense, outside of the food.

But real china place settings add such a level of elegance to any event.  And holiday parties usually have more of a decor element, mainly because The Season has more of a decor element.  Place settings with charger plates, colored napkins and a small centerpiece can sometimes add just enough, to serve as the complete decor of your party space.

This gift is only available for our corporate catering clients, and only one gift is redeemable per event, and can't be used with any other discounts.  Also, your event doesn't have to be a "Holiday" event, it can be anything, like customer appreciation, employee appreciation, grand opening, or networking event. 

If you're planning a personal catered holiday event, stay tuned, we'll have a pretty valuable gift for you folks as well!!  

Don't miss out on this valuable gift from Taste Of The Best Catering.  Visit our website, and request a catering quote for your upcoming corporate holiday party, or give us a call at 614-358-4559 with your questions.  Get a jump start on your holiday planning AND save some money!

If you're just getting started with your company holiday party planning, don't forget to jump over on our Pinterest boards for some inspiration.  And Like our page on Facebook, so you don't miss out on our holiday countdown with tips, recipes and decor inspiration!  

Please share this great deal with all your corporate friends in Columbus!
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What was the most memorable company holiday party you've attended, and why was it so memorable?  

Please comment below, and share your memory with us!

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