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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Graduation Season Is Here Columbus, OH! Party Time!

It's Time For "The March of Caps & Gowns" (Graduations)

With so many Universities and Colleges around the Central Ohio area, the season of the graduate is in full swing here in Columbus.  May started off with many spring ceremonies, and we've catered quite a few of them already (pictures to come soon)!  Now's the time to start getting prepared for your celebrations, because Columbus City Schools High School Graduations are coming up next.

Ceremonies will commence next week from May 28th - June 6th, 2013!  Check out our chart, and mark your calendar!!!

Celebrate Your Graduates' Accomplishments with a Party

All graduates deserve a party!  Whether your child is graduating, or You're the proud graduate.....Let us serve you in celebration.  It takes a drive and commitment to make it to the end.  It's an investment in the future, and we recognize that it deserves something special.

We want you to celebrate you or your child's academic accomplishments!  So Taste Of The Best Catering is

What's the Proud Parent GPA Discount?

Taste Of The Best Catering is offering this special to parents with a child graduating, or adults graduates with a 3.5 GPA or better!!!  With proof of the final quarter GPA, we'll deduct a total of 15% off the food total of your menu quote.  20% off for a 4.0 GPA!!!  How can you pass that up?  We want your celebration to be affordable, and we want everyone who deserves a party to be able to afford it.  I mean, someone DID just graduate.  That already has a price tag!  :-)

What if the GPA is lower than 3.5?  There's a Discount For You Too!

All graduates deserve a party!  Whether you graduated on the honor roll or not, it's still a huge accomplishment!  Any graduate in the Central Ohio/Columbus area that is having a graduation party and needs catering, we'll give you a 10% discount off the food total of your menu quote.  Just like our page on Facebook, and share the graduation post.  We'll apply your discount once it's confirmed!

Reserve your graduation party catering now!  The time is coming up fast!  Call us at 614-358-4559 to reserve your party date!

Stay tuned for some of our graduation catering pictures.
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