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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Love Columbus OH! - Love Letter From A Columbus OH Caterers' Blog

Welcome to our Columbus OH Caterer food blog.

Taste Of The Best Catering wants to show our love for the city of Columbus, and the great venues, food, and local farmers, that may not get their due spotlight. The social scene of Columbus events is also maturing. There are lots of new community gardens, food festivals, farmers markets, and special themed tasting events that are growing in popularity, with the sophisticated professionals of Columbus!

As a Columbus Catering Company, I feel it's a part of our duty to know what awesome venues, events, produce & local event vendors to support in Columbus, and to pass this information along to anyone looking for it.

So, the mission of this blog is to expose the hidden little gems of Columbus.......you know....like the quaint little neighborhood diner, that's like Sunday morning breakfast at Grandma's (5 star comfort food)! ....... Or the beautiful mansion on acres of land, that's available for rental, but doesn't have a website, or yellow page ad......... Or the wonderful new businesses popping up, that want to build awareness of food & its sources, home gardening & going back to the Earth (Going Green). All the great local businesses that are unique & signatures to Columbus' Rebirth.

That's the journey we're going to take together on this blog. I'm going to take you with me, to find the REAL Columbus.....food & events-wise. It's a "Taste Of The Best Columbus Caterer"....my view of what I think is GREAT about being a Columbus Catering Company, and resources I LOVE, for planning or enjoying an event in Columbus.  Join us on Facebook!

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